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We embrace challenges that are seemingly insurmountable. Our services include IT strategy, project management, development, and business analysis. Whether you are looking to develop an enterprise IT strategy or solve a specific technical challenge, QualApps can help.

IT Strategy

Optimizing business operations through technology is often more easily said than done. For every business problem there are multiple tools, each with its own unique advantages. What QualApps offers is experience with implementing multiple technologies across varied business contexts.

We know how technologies compare, the effort required to implement them, and can help your organization evaluate total cost of ownership. Our customers repeatedly thank us for assisting them with making prudent IT strategy and implementation decisions.

Project Management

Managing projects goes beyond adhering to a methodology or delivering PM artifacts. It requires passion, insight, and drive that aligns IT with business and provides leadership that inspires results.

Our approach to project management values people and progress and delivers solutions that meet or exceed stakeholder expectations.

System Integration

Streamlining business often requires that disparate applications function like a single, cohesive system. Many tools promise easy integration; the reality is that getting your legacy accounting and payroll systems, Human Capital Management systems, and various web applications to interoperate is not simple.

QualApps provides the technical know-how and the ability to work closely with stakeholders to help your organization succeed. We have proven expertise and many years of experience integrating heterogeneous systems. We use the right tools to design and implement interfaces to empower your business.

Web and Mobile Application Development

QualApps has been privileged to develop web and mobile applications using leading-edge technology for a variety of customers. We have implemented many secure, high-performing, responsive, and functionally and aesthetically-rich sites.

Our expertise includes platform, application design, site navigation, integration with content management, and development in a variety programming languages. Our goal is to build websites that meet your ongoing needs – we have even developed frameworks that enable internal staff to rapidly develop new web-applications to meet their customers’ evolving requirements.

For Mobile applications, QualApps offers cross-platform expertise, solution accelerators, and reusable frameworks and components like Mobile SMB banking solutions, Mobile Trust Framework, and Mobility Testing automation tools for iOS and Android.

Data Migration

QualApps consultants have been developing data migration architecture, scripts, and ETL routines since the company’s founding in 2008. Our consultants can write the routines to move data from your legacy systems to your new systems using scripts and SQL statements or standard ETL tools such as Informatica’s PowerCenter, SQL Server Integration Services, or Oracle.

Our broad range of experience with a host of RDBMS technologies, OS platforms, and ETL tools gives us the unique ability to migrate data from various legacy systems to the new systems. We have also developed a set of “best practices” for data migration to ensure that data can be migrated rapidly yet robustly from one system to another. These best practices cover data integrity testing, load control, logging and auditing, batch loading, and back-out strategies due to load failure.

Testing Services

Applications now provide the foundation for an organization’s core offering, reinforcing its brand and reputation. However, inadequate software testing can increase risk, potentially leading to loss of revenue and customer trust. QualApps helps clients across industry verticals build tomorrow’s QA enterprise by providing a combination of transformation models, offerings to address changing technology landscape, a framework for package-testing-led business transformation, and new engagement models.