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For organizations serious about the welfare of their people during an emergency, RollCall offers an easy way to account for and safeguard employees. The RollCall application securely interfaces with calendaring software, Active Directory, and Human Capital Management systems. If desired, it can interface with mobile device geolocation features. This web application makes it easy to communicate the status of employees to managers and to emergency response personnel. With its responsive design, RollCall can be accessed using any mobile device, streamlining efforts to keep employees safe when it matters most.

EPI – Enterprise Partner Integrator

This is our flagship solution for B2B integration. The product offers partner management, configurable workflows, out-of-the-box transformation, multiple adapters, and many others features. ePI enables IT organizations to seamlessly and securely orchestrate data exchange. For more information, review the ePI information sheet.

Service Catalog

Typically bundled with ePI, our Service Catalog enables any authorized user, whether a technologist or business practitioner, to view the organization’s critical data exchanges. The service catalog provides an intuitive and fluid user interface to consolidate, store, and query information about all enterprise interfaces. The interface is also configurable, which means that end users can easily add custom features to help monitor data exchange.

Mobile Travel Concierge

Mobile Travel Concierge (MTC) makes it easy to submit and approve travel requests and expense forms using a mobile interface. The application features a dynamic form generator and a lightweight workflow engine for streamlined approval processes. Developed in HTML5, MTC offers responsive design tailored to fluid employee travel management.

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